Property Purchase Form

A.     Full Name:      
        Phone: home:  
        Postal address:

B.    Full Name:      
        Phone: home:  
        Postal address:

Property being purchased (address):

1.     Purchase price: $         Deposit paid: $

2.    The property is listed with the following real estate agent:

3.    Deposit to be paid on exchange of contracts: 5%    10%    Deposit bond

4.    Are you a first home buyer?                             No        Yes

5.    Are you obtaining a loan to assist with the purchase?    No        Yes
       Name (bank/building society/broker):
       Phone:                          Branch:
       Amount of loan: $        

6.    Is the property an investment property?        No (go to question 7)    Yes
6a.  Is there a second security property involved?      No (go to question 7)    Yes
       Security property address:

7.     We/I hereby request you to obtain on our/my behalf the following (please tick if applicable):
        1. Pest Report    2. Building Inspection Report
        3. Survey            4. Strata Inspection Report

We/I here instruct you to do such things as are proper and necessary for the conduct and settlement of the purchase of the above property.

We/I hereby authorise you to withdraw moneys held by you from time to time in trust, all moneys due and payable by us to you, or any amount where you have furnished us with a written statement setting out particulars of the amount owing, and all moneys for cost where there has been delivered by you a bill of such costs or other written statement that money held by you is being or will be applied towards or in satisfaction of such costs. We/I hereby acknowledge that the balance of all costs are to be paid on settlement.

Our/My cheque for $500.00 AUD to cover initial costs & disbursements will be sent to Classic Conveyancing Company 190 Queen Street St Marys  2760

or alternatively deposited to the following account by Electronic Funds Transfer:

Name: Classic Conveyancing Company Trust
Account: National Australia Bank
BSB & BRANCH No.: 082 799
Account No: 66561 6723

Please add your Surname as Reference

Name (A):     

Name (B):    

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